IT Support
Finding high quality, affordable IT support can be difficult but we have the solution for your school.

Our support team take care of your IT so you are free to focus on the important work of teaching and learning. Our job is making sure you can use your IT as effectively as possible, with minimal disruption. Our team look after your entire network, including PCs and servers, keeping downtime to a minimum so your school can be as productive as possible.

We are flexible with our support agreements, for some schools, we cover 100% of their IT requirements. For others, we provide support for the IT infrastructure whilst an in-house team handles staff PC problems. Whatever the solution you are looking for, we will be able to work with you to achieve it.


Our Support Services

Servers sit at the core of most IT systems and require top-quality support to ensure minimal downtime
Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and more, we will support all of your end-user devices
Your network infrastructure is the backbone to the rest of your IT system. Wired and wireless network hardware, cabling, cabinets and more, our experienced team will look after you
Managed Services
More and more services are managed elsewhere. We can help with everything IT-related, everything from broadband and phones to cloud backups, anti-virus and more
Whether it's cloud-based or on premises, single user or site-wide, our vast experience of software for schools will help you to always keep working
Audio Visual
Not just interactive touch screens but sound and lighting systems, projectors and more, we can supply and support it all
Focus on your school
Schools don't want to be constantly sorting IT issues. We take away the hassle of dealing with IT so that you can focus on what you really need to do.
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